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The base price includes business address and use of postal address


0$ /month

Thank you for subscribing to the virtual office service, we will contact you within 24 hours to request the necessary data to activate all the contracted services.

Select services to include

We will pick up your mail and packages.

We will resend your correspondence or package to your address- shipping cost to be assumed by you.

We will email you each time a package or letter arrives at the office.

If you authorize us to do so, we can scan the letters you receive at the office and send the content to your email.

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Premium Services

We add your logo to the directory of your business on the street level.

We create a landing page for your business dedicated to your delegation in Spain. We include 1 hour of monthly maintenance, hosting and domain.

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Discount for long duration

If you sign a minimum of 6 months, a discount of 50€ / month is applied.

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Final cost

The final price is :


There is an activation fee of 199 to start the service, this amount will only be charged when the reservation is made.


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :/month


FIRST.- Coworking Zaragoza S.C., will provide the following services:

- Fiscal, legal domiciliation of your company, in C/ Clara Campoamor nº28 Local, CP: 50018 of Zaragoza (Spain).
- Commercial use of our address. As well as the authorization for the use of this address in corporate paper of your company.
- Reception and management of correspondence and parcels.
- Immediate notification of urgent or certified mail by e-mail.
- Option to forward correspondence/parcels according to current rates.
- Option of immediate notifications by SMS.
- Option of scanning of urgent correspondence and faxes at a reduced price.
- Use of the meeting room two half-days per month (6 hours).
- Option of your company logo in the Coworking Zaragoza directory at street level.
- Creation of a website (landing page format) with own domain and hosting for the delegation of your company in Spain, with corporate information and contact form (Option available when signing a minimum permanence of 6 months).

SECOND.- The client agrees not to use the services provided by Coworking Zaragoza for illegal, illicit or annoying activities for other users of such services.

THIRD.- Coworking Zaragoza undertakes to keep absolute discretion and confidentiality of each and every one of the client's data in its possession in the development of this contractual relationship. The CLIENT also undertakes to keep absolute confidentiality with respect to any information of Coworking Zaragoza.

FOURTH - THE CLIENT agrees to pay the corresponding amount agreed in the subscription form.

FIFTH.- The duration of this contract is agreed according to the client's choice when contracting. When the contract expires, it will be automatically and compulsorily extended by monthly installments until the CLIENT decides to terminate the service. To terminate the service, notice must be given at least 30 days in advance.

SIXTH.- In the event that THE CLIENT demands from Coworking Zaragoza any other service not contemplated in the present contract, THE CLIENT agrees to pay for them as "Additional Services", according to the rates of Coworking Zaragoza in force at that moment, being invoiced independently of the fee and concept agreed in the present contract.

SEVENTH.- The beginning of the services is the day indicated in the heading, being issued the first invoice with the same date, for the period corresponding to the current month.

Likewise, both parties accept this CONTRACT in all its contents and effects.
And for the record and as a sign of conformity, they sign the present document in triplicate and to a single effect, in the place and on the date indicated above.
and date indicated above

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